Criteria for publication

The Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences accepts manuscripts (original articles, short communications and review articles) from the entire field of veterinary medicine. The manuscript (in English) and its accompanying illustrations should be submitted using the online submission system [Submit your article] button.

The submission of the manuscripts is regarded as the Author’s statement that it has not been published (or submitted for publication) elsewhere, neither as a whole manuscript, nor as a part.

1) Prerequisites for publication

Authorship The Editors of the Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences subscribe to recommendations formulated by the International Committee of Medical Journals regarding criteria for authorship. Therefore, each person listed as an author or co-author of a submitted manuscript must meet all three criteria listed below. Thus, an author or co-author will have i) conceived, planned and performed the work leading to the report, or interpreted the evidence presented, or both, ii) written the manuscript or reviewed successive versions and shared in their revisions, iii) approved the final version. Meeting these criteria should provide each author with sufficient knowledge of, and participation in, the work that the author can accept public responsibility for the manuscript.

Retraction The editors of the Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences recognize their responsibility to promote the recording of accurate, objective and unbiased data, and the observations and conclusions drawn from the data. As a consequence, they reserve the right to publish a retraction of articles that are subsequently determined to contain fraudulent data, observations or conclusions.

Use of animals Manuscripts submitted for publication must contain a statement that the study protocol was approved by a local Ethics Commission and include the permission number. The Materials and Methods section should contain a description of analgesic and anesthetic procedures fol­lowed, as well as humane methods of maintenance and sacrifice (if applicable). The Editors reserve the right to reject manuscripts that do not comply with the above-mentioned requirements. The authors will be held responsible for false statements or for failure to fulfill the above-mentioned requirements.

2) Review procedure

Manuscripts are evaluated by reviewers using the single-blind peer review process. The policy of the journal is to accept articles only after a positive peer review.

3) Accepted articles

Accepted articles are professionally proofread.

Charges: After article acceptance there is a page charge per each typed page of the manuscript (for the indicated length of the article). Additional pages are charged at a higher rate. Color illustrations carry an extra charge. All current charges are shown in the [Publication fee] tab.

Published articles: All articles are published in open access with direct access from the PubMed database and are printed quarterly and distributed to libraries.