Publication fee

Fees are required to cover the publishing costs – accepted articles are professionally proofread, published in open access with direct access from the PubMed database, and are printed quarterly and distributed to libraries.

Fees for accepted articles are charged at the following rates:


  1. Standard typed page – 90 PLN plus 23% VAT

The length of the manuscript (including illustrations and references) should not exceed 30 pages (review article), 20 (original article), 5 (short communication), each page charged as a standard typed page. Additional pages are charged at a higher rate – the “additional typed page” charge.

  • Additional typed page – 180 PLN plus 23% VAT

 The usual length of the article may be exceeded to a limited extent. However, the editors reserve the right to decide on the acceptance of the total article length on an individual article basis.

  • Color figures – 800 PLN plus 23% VAT for a color page (400 PLN plus 23% VAT is charged for each half page).

For non-Polish authors, the amounts are converted into euros according to the PLN-EUR exchange rate on the date of the invoice.

In accordance with the policy of the University of Warmia and Mazury, the only acceptable form of payment is a bank transfer to the account indicated on the invoice.