Review requirements

Peer reviews play an essential role in a well-functioning journal and are crucial for the overall time required for article evaluation.

Reviewers who provide substantial comments in a timely fashion receive discount vouchers entitling them to a reduction of fees for their own publication(s) in our journal.

The reviewing time is 21 days after the date of agreeing to the review. If a reviewer is not able to complete the review within such a deadline, such information should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief by email (

Peer Reviewers are asked to prepare a detailed review evaluating the content of the article.

They should pay particular attention to the scientific value of the article, the originality of the research and the accuracy of the data analysis and the conclusions drawn. The overall quality of the article preparation and its clarity and readability are also important.

Reviewers should prepare reviews in accordance with ETHICAL GUIDELINES FOR PEER REVIEWERS (COPE)

The reviewer should complete the article review using the following steps:

  1. Decide whether the reviewed article is:
    a. Acceptable for publication in the current form.
    b. Requires minor revision.
    c. Requires major revision (and will be re-evaluated by the same reviewer).
    d. Rejected.

  2. Assess the following aspects of the article and complete the form (by ticking):
    a. Does the subject fall within the scope of the journal?
    b. Is this a new and original contribution?
    c. Does the title of this paper clearly reflect its contents?
    d. Is the abstract sufficiently informative, especially when read in isolation?
    e. Is the statement of objectives of the paper adequate and appropriate in view of the subject matter?
    f. Is the article organization satisfactory and are the results clearly presented?
    g. Are interpretations and conclusions sound and justified by the data?
    h. Is the length appropriate to the content?
    i. Are the illustrations and tables all necessary and complete?
    j. Are the references adequate?

  3. Include detailed comments on the article justifying the decision taken.
    A major/ minor points structure for the detailed comments is highly appreciated and allows for a precise author response.

In the case of reviewing articles written by Polish-language authors, it is acceptable to include a commentary in Polish.

Optionally, a review pdf file can be attached via the online submission system.

If an article requires major changes, a corrected article with the author’s comments will be sent to the same reviewer for re-evaluation (several revisions are possible).

The reviewers are asked to revise the article within 14 days.