Reviewers’ Award

Reviewers who provide substantial comments in a timely fashion receive discount vouchers entitling them to a reduction of fees for their own publication(s).

VOUCHERS FOR REVIEWERS – terms and conditions

  • The value of each voucher is PLN 200.
  • Vouchers can be used to reduce the publication fee for accepted articles.
  • The condition for receipt of the voucher is to complete the review process on time.
  • The voucher is valid for two years from the date it was obtained.
  • Vouchers are in the form of e-mails sent to the reviewer after the review process is completed.
  • The voucher-email is posted to the reviewer after the Editor-in-Chief makes a final decision (positive or negative) regarding the article reviewed by the reviewer.
  • All valid vouchers can be applied to one invoice.
  • Vouchers are issued to specific individuals and are not transferable. A voucher can only be used by the person submitting the article – it is not possible to sum up vouchers from several authors.
  • To use the voucher, the user is required to send an e-mail to the Editorial Office ( shortly after receiving confirmation of acceptance of the article for publication (before the invoicing stage). The e-mail should contain the details of the awarded reviews retrieved from voucher-emails (providing reviewed article numbers and dates).
  • Vouchers cannot be accepted after an invoice has been issued.
  • Vouchers can be used only once.